Hey, I'm Stephen,

I believe that quality is the determining factor for success. The product must be perfect, it must work, it must be clever, it must be creative and it must define you. 

I started by just fooling around with music about four years ago. One day I happened to be scrolling through youtube, as we all do, and I stumbled upon videos that contained audio spectrum. (For an example video click the link at the bottom) From there I got into Adobe After Effects trying to duplicate what I saw for my own music. And it just spiralled from there. I have found my passion and I want to share it with the World. That’s why I take the time to perfect every single logo to both our liking.

Here's the link: NCS Fade

  1. After Effects
    After Effects
    With Adobe After Effects I can create, composite, and stylize 2D footage layers in 3D space. In an editing context, I usually use After Effects to apply effects to the logo after it is made. It gives your logo a cool animation look.
  2. Photoshop
    I use Adobe Photoshop for raster images. It is certainly the main editing program I use to make my designs. But it's not the only tool used for graphic design. For vector editing Adobe Illustrator and affinity designer come in handy.
  3. Affinity Designer
    Affinity Designer
    With this software I create vector logos and banners etc...
  4. Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator is graphic-driven software I use primarily for creating vector graphics. Used alongside with Adobe Photoshop as a companion product, illustrator is used for creating logos.

Plex Graphics History

// Plex Graphics \\
// I decided to change the name because it just didn't feel right. I wanted it to feel more complex. If you have not figured out how I got to Plex Graphics, please the above statement again... (Just Kidding). \\

January 2017

 // Free Graphics Now \\
// Once I became more engaged in what I was doing with graphic design I decided to stop making music. I felt that God was leading me on to the path he has planned for me. \\


// Electric Freestyle \\
// I first started creating music on Music Maker Jam. I was really into creating dupstep tracks and Skrillex was my inspiration. Then when I stumpled upon Graphic Design, It just took over my life. \\